Niklas Achauer is a modern orchestral composer from Germany. Through playing the piano, from a young age, he quickly developed the effective skill of paraphrasing a variety of genres and moods into modern compositions. His strong suit is to include these typical but unique elements present in every genre. Niklas does not have one distinctive sound but a dynamic and always shifting one.


The impact of a huge and epic sound can lead to an indescribable feeling of might and power. It can be anything from dramatic to heroic, darkness to light.


When it comes to orchestra, one of the biggest powers we have is the range of emotions that can be conveyed through different dynamics and play styles, offering unlimited possibilities.


Making organic music is making an instrument come to life. There is something indescribable about feeling how an instrument was played and how in the end everything comes together to form a sound with soul.


Filling a room with joy is what you want to achieve with an exciting and playful sound. Epic walls of sound have a unique charm to them, but sometimes an encouraging, bright piece is what makes the difference.